Leticia Garfias Vargas

... born in the Mexico City daughter of Don Jesus Garfias Silva and Gozita Vargas Pedroza. Even as a girl along with my sister Liz Garfias decide to return to their hometown Santiago de Querétaro Mexico. Bella Earth where I grew up in a family united by Unconditional Love, he Respected Traditions and Human Values.

My Mother: she taught me with her presence Unconditional Love ... she was the Wisdom and Love that lives in me ...

My Children: Four beautiful seeds sown on this earth. Francisco Javier who is now a brilliant Architect. Father and Loving Husband. Rafael Adrián Psychologist and lover of Music, Theater, Magic and languages. Ana Leticia recently graduated as Law Degree, beautiful inside and outside. Fermin Eduardo who lives in a sky not far from mine (deceased).

My Father: my Music Teacher with him I learned to play Violin and Guitar.

My strength, my guide in all the time of school, until the 4th semester of my Bachelor of Business Administration.

This page of Radio via Online ...

Is created to invite you to the Concordance, the Harmony, the Spiritual peace, the Elevation of Consciousness, to create new days in each one of us with positive thoughts and actions, regardless of creeds or religions, invites you to live with him Master Jesus, to practice Truth, Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy to our fellow men, to change our habits, to smile and to know that we are not alone, that there is not a single lonely heart, which we all beat in the unison of the Creator , That we are LOVE, PEACE AND JOY. A radio station that invites them to unite to recover the human values ​​that practically has disappeared in our Mexico and that affects all. We need to support each of us with our grain of sand, so that human values ​​become better every day. Let the negative be weakened in favor of our family and children.